How a Solar PPA works.

We provides a solar consultation that includes a site survey and financial analysis.

You sign a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with the company.

We designs, installs and connects the solar system to the utility grid at little to no upfront cost to you.

You pay for the power you consume at a rate typically less than that charged by the utility company.

We continues to monitor and maintain the system while you save on your energy bill.

After 25 years, you can sign a new agreement or the system is removed with mutual concent at no costs.

What is a Solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA):

A PPA is a long-term contract between you and vendor company for a specific Horizon in which you agree to purchase the solar power produced based on a low fixed teriff that is typically less than what your local utility company charges. The vendor/investment company has full ownership of the solar energy system and is responsible for plant installation, commissioning and for its maintainance through out the agreed tenure it. You simply pay for the power it produces, making your job considerably easy.

Since a PPA is a form of a long-term lease, so we consider a variety of different sectors while determinng your eligibility such as your company rating, your balance sheet (last 3 years), your overall monthly energy bills, and the amount of available sunlight on your property.

In the event that you can meet the elegi lty createria for a PPA we decide to move forward with agreed terms and conditions. A contract shall come into a existance having all terms required for the agreement.

In the event you sell your home, you can either transfer the agreement to the new owners or pay it off and include its cost in your home sale price.